• Passend zum mylon Tisch präsentieren sich die mylon Beimöbel in bronce.
  • Das abgerundete Kantenprofil und das abgeschrägte Fußgestell passen perfekt zum mylon Tisch.
  • Der treeo Beistelltisch von TEAM 7 ist in zwei Höhen mit Holz oder Marmorplatte erhältlich.  


Wood – for Jacob Strobel this is the most beautiful of all materials and one which he strives to showcase through his delicate interpretation of traditional craftsmanship techniques. His clean designs seem to follow an inner logic which gives them an air of refined elegance. The simplest of qualities are brought to the fore and lovingly crafted details give his beautifully innovative creations a timeless quality. Over the past few years, Jacob Strobel has won eleven internationally renowned design awards for his work. From sophisticated stand-alone pieces of furniture to complex living ranges, his designs showcase the wood, celebrating it with intricate, hand-crafted details. They are always functional, and never just decoration. Take the unusual daring lines of the nox range for example, which harnesses the primal force of the wood whilst simultaneously exuding a certain elegance. His latest design - the table and bench ensemble yps - combines reputedly contraries and plays with delicate and powerful elements. The dynamic y-shape is the recurring design element over the entire product series. The new mylon bed is a modern interpretation of the classic 4-foot bed. Here Strobel expertly fuses delicate elements and precise curves with straight lines. Both concepts have been awarded with the interior innovation award 2015 - Selection.

Before joining TEAM 7 as a designer in 2007, he spent time working at his uncle‘s highly regarded carpentry business, where he learnt the trade and developed a profound knowledge of furniture making. Driven by a desire to perfect customised designs and to make the final product available to the masses through serial production, he proceeded to study wood design at the Schneeberg Faculty of Applied Art, where the main focus of his course was product and artistic design. By working at various design companies, including Christian Haas Design, and by spending time in Scotland, the birthplace of the arts and crafts movement, Strobel was able to gain experience of working with materials such as glass, porcelain and metal. Since 2008 Jacob Strobel has been leading the way as head of the TEAM 7 design team. Strobel combines would-be opposites such as design & ecology, craftsmanship & industry and tradition & innovation to create living spaces which promote a natural lifestyle that takes us back to basics without denying the advanced technological status of the society we live in.

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