• TEAM 7 Schränke ermöglichen Ordnung und Übersicht auf höchstem Niveau.
  • TEAM 7 Schränke sind auch von innen bestens durchdacht.
  • Komfortable Helfer von TEAM 7 präsentieren die Kleidungsstücke von der besten Seite.
  • Mit der Schmuck-und Krawattenlade in den TEAM 7 Schränken lässt sich leicht die Übersicht zu behalten.
  • Der Hosenauszug in den edlen TEAM 7 Schränken sorgt für Ordnung und Komfort.
  • Der Hemdenauszieher mit Kleiderlift in den TEAM 7 Schränken sorgt für knitterfreie Hemden.  
  • Das Innenleben der TEAM 7 Kleiderschränke sorgt jeden Tag für Komfort, Eleganz und Ordnung.    
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  • Holz
Wood Sample


fine and uniform

Beech wood is pale yellow to reddish brown in color. The color darkens slightly when regularly exposed to sunlight. The grain pattern of beech wood is exceedingly uniform and fine. The pores are small and uniformly dispersed.

Beech wood is very firm and heavy. Its structure makes it particularly easy to process. Beech is an exceedingly popular material for producing solid wood furniture. One of the most important hardwood species in Europe, beech accounts for a large proportion of the trees grown in German-speaking countries.

The beech wood used by TEAM 7 comes from Austria and Germany.

Room climate

Natural wood surfaces which have been finished with natural oil are free from pollutants and therefore create a healthy living environment. They preserve the wood's natural characteristics: the wood can breathe and regulates the room's humidity. In this way, furniture made from natural wood ensures a pleasant room climate. This makes the TEAM 7 furniture particularly healthy and hygienic.


Natural wood is easy to care for and easy to clean. Simply apply a little natural oil to the wood when necessary – that is all that TEAM 7 furniture needs to look as good as new even after many years.


Pure natural wood

Whether front, carcase, drawer or silverware insert: our furniture are made entirely of precious natural wood, inside and outside. The highgrade three-ply boards ensure stability and prevent the wood from warping.



All TEAM 7 furniture is tested at our own laboratory before market introduction. 


Colour recommendations

Look here for combinations from our large collection of colors and materials recommended by the TEAM 7 interior designers.

Color Recommendations


Elegant hardwoods from sustainably managed forests, glued without using formaldehyde and finished with herb oil: TEAM 7‘s unique purity policy provides for a healthy indoor climate and helps to protect the environment. 


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